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Rostam: Tales from the Shahnameh Comic Book wins a Golden Lioness Award from WAALM (World Academy of Arts Media & Literature) in Budapest, Hungary. Our whole team was honored to receive this award and we thank WAALM for considering our book and bestowing this honor upon us. THANK YOU!

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The 1,000 year old Shahnameh chronicles ancient Persian mythological & historical traditions. Proud recipient of the Golden Lioness Award.


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Tales From The Shahnameh (Epic of Kings)

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Rostam: Tales from The Shahnameh is the 1st series of books from the Publishers at Hyperwerks, bringing Ferdowsi's Masterpiece to life into the American Comic Book Genre. Written over 1,000 years ago, "The Shahnameh" chronicles Persia's rich Mythological and Historical traditions and contains some 50,000 couplets of poetry (making it over seven times the size of Homers' Illiad).

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Shahnameh Comic Books

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Rostam: Tales From the Shahnameh (Epic of Kings ) has been featured on The following Television Stations, Websites and Print publications:



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Media featuring the Rostam Comic Book include:
Voice Of America, Persian Broadcast Service - Satellite TV and web,
Voice Of America, English Broadcast Service - Satellite TV and web,
BBC Persian Broadcast Service - Radio and Web,
PBS Frontline - Website Website,
Persian Broadcasting Corporation - Satellite TV
Hamshari Newspaper Cover- Largest daily newspaper in Iran
Andisheh TV - Satellite TV broadcast
Pejvak - Print and Web
San Jose Community Newspaper - Print and Web
Persianesque Website,
Namak Magazine - Print and Web,
Persian Mirror - Website
OZ Iran Magazine - Print and Web,
Payvand - Website
Roozaneh magazine - Print and web
World News Report- Print and web

USA Today - Print and web

Variety - Print and web

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